Prayer – We covet your prayers for the success and growth of Elim Christian School.  Please pray for our students, principal, teachers and Board of Directors.

Location – We are currently searching for an affordable and suitable location in the Cypress area.  If you are willing to donate space to Elim or know of a location or facility that might be willing to host us, please Contact Us.

Volunteer at ECS – Occupational or Speech Therapy, counseling, teaching of special classes – music, art, foreign language, etc. (Long term volunteers must pass a background check and must be in agreement with What We Believe.)

Donation of Professional Services – graphic design, public relations, photography, legal and financial services, etc.

Financial Donations/Endowment – Our vision is for Elim Christian School to someday admit students regardless of ability to pay, to offer a myriad of supplemental services, and to have a dedicated facility.  If you would like to give toward any of these goals, please Contact Us.  We are a 501(3)(c) organization.

Donation of Materials – Please Contact Us for a list of current needs.

Spread the word – Tell your family, friends, church and community about us.