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We’ve Adapted!

Amid the global pandemic, we’ve temporarily adapted to remote learning. Here’s what a few of our parents have to say about our transition.

Praise and adulation to the teachers at Elim Christian School!  Our children were up and running with online learning earlier than most schools- and the teachers have kept our children engaged in learning with enthusiasm! From chat time, to crazy hair days, and funny dad jokes at lunchtime you have made the students feel connected and inspired. You could not ask for a more dedicated staff-Thank you so very much for all that you do for not only our children but our families!  I learn and grow as a parent listening to my son’s school time! From my heart- Thank you teachers at Elim Christian School.

Elim’s 72 hour conversion to online education was by most standards extraordinary. Within the first week the classes were getting organized faster than any Texas ISD that had started the process. Students were getting to class and responding to the new learning platform much like the first week of a new school. Organized lunch meetings between the student age groups helped cut down on the isolation of being at home with just their families. The communication about education between families and the school was clear and informative. This is a school that was able to pull it together in time of crisis and actually improve upon daily education. That speaks volumes in my book.

I really appreciate how quickly the staff put together a well thought out online learning program keeping in mind the best interest of their students. My child was able to transition quickly into online learning and is enjoying keeping in contact with her classmates and teachers. Elim made sure she had all she needed to be successful. Thank you!

I’m so proud of our principal and teachers! They worked hard to get us up and running with a viable online program really quickly. We only missed a couple of days of school while new tools and curriculum were put in place. They’ve done a great job of adapting curriculum and coming up with ideas to keep kids connected and engaged. Unlike other families, we don’t feel like we are “homeschooling”, we feel like our student is still going to school everyday, still learning on pace.

Elim has a positive impact on our students and their families

My family has been blessed to have found Elim. My daughter was struggling with reading. She now is able to read with confidence. Her Language Arts teacher has done a wonderful job teaching my daughter with reading. The principal and the board are effective leaders and demonstrate a passion for the students. Elim support and has patience for students with learning differences. Without Elim, my daughter would not be where she is today.

Elim has been a wonderful place for our son to not only learn but to feel loved, encouraged and inspired by his compassionate teachers. You feel God’s touch on everything they do here. Along with their exceptional academics, they give the kids so much more with field trips, special lunches, outside speakers, art, music, cooking, Destination Imagination and lots of outdoor games. We thank God every day that he brought our family to such a special place. They truly love these kids.

The last two years of me being at this school have been so rewarding and fun but yet still challenging. I’ve learned so much at Elim about loving others, loving God’s creation, loving myself and loving my neighbor. I’m grateful that my last two years of high school have been at Elim Christian School.

Just wanted to pass this along. My son has asked twice about summer school. He wants to make sure he is keeping up, so he can finish on time. Not sure where this kid came from, but I like it. Less than two years ago I had to drag him to school. Now he gets mad if he misses. Thank you.

Elim Christian School is a great Christian school for special needs kids. Here’s some reasons why it is. The teachers are very helpful, it’s great for developing many skills, and it also has a Bible class.

One reason Elim is recommended for special needs kids is that the teachers are very helpful. If you are stuck on a problem in math, or you have trouble pronouncing a word in language arts, the teachers can help you out some. As you progress further and further, they’ll still help you out, just not as much. Another reason why Elim is recommended for special needs kids is that it’s great for developing many skills. If your kid has issues communicating with others, like only talking about one thing only, Elim is great for resolving that problem. It’s also great for many other skills, like learning manners, or being nice to others. One last reason why Elim is recommended for special needs kids is that it also has a Bible class. This class will, definitely, make your kid realize many amazing things about Jesus and God. Your kid will soon believe in Jesus and will become a Christian in no time.

Overall, Elim Christian School is really well recommended for many special needs kids. The teachers being very helpful, it being great for developing many skills, and also having a Bible class, Elim is, definitely, THE school to send your kid to.

Elim is a wonderful Christian school that takes students at the level they are regardless of age and prescribed grade level.  The school feels more like a family with dedicated, skilled and caring teachers accepting, guiding and pushing students to grow spiritually, academically, and socially. Elim offers not just academics but practice in life skills, like preparing meals and how to manage money, and serving others, like the regular trips to the Food Pantry, not to mention the many cool field trips.  Our daughter came to Elim at 11 years old, unable to read and fearful of anything academic.  She can now not only read but has a drive to learn.  Her confidence and growth is a direct result of the teachers and fellow students at Elim.  The school has a heart to serve and is truly a blessing.

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